real time previs

The first 2 boards are designs that I created for a real-time 3d touch system. These renders would evolve and react to audio input in real-time. The bottom dome still is meant to evolve over a period of 8 hours. Starting from a bare stone walled surface and evoling into a plant filled greenhouse conservatory.


heres a spherical render of a surround theater piece that I am workin on..

Been a while...

Been a while since I posted some stuff... here is some stuff that I have been working on.


COP15 CO2 Cube - Copenhagen

Im still here in Copenhagen after 15 days of enduring the freezing cold. Here is a clip from the opening. By far my favorite installation with Obscura crew.


Copenhagen Here I come...

rampin up to head to Denmark. This is something i'm working on for the upcoming gig.


Las Vegas Interactive Party Penthouse on Wired

Wired Magazine is doing a series of video pieces on Obscura. Here is segment 1. The kalidoh! project that I have posted on in the past is a small portion of this system.


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The Lily's

Check out my friend Kurt's band - The Lilys - they are amazing. He is a brilliant songwriter. He has some up coming shows in November.
nov.22 @ spaceland in LA
nov.24 @ bottom of the hill - SF.



here's some frames from a project that I am currently working on.. I've been playing with some kaleidoscopic effects for transitions and have had some pretty crazy results...weird >



Obscura CueLight from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

We made it on Gizmodo again... Check this new tracking stuff we've been workin on. .heres the post..


Bertone Lancia Stratos Prototype - circa 1970

even the soundtrack is super badass.


Mint Plaza on Motionographer

Mint Plaza was a project that I art directed in April 09. It was an event that McAfee had commissioned Obscura Digital to do. We used 7 - 18k Christie projectors to blast the historic mint building and the adjacent mezzanine building. Check it out on motionographer!


Happy Berfday to me.....

Sooooooo. my birthday was a few weeks back and the photos are still rolling in... here is the winner so far..... yikes.


Barcelona - U2

So I've recently returned from a business trip to Barcelona. My co-worker and I were out pitching/testing a piece of technology (which I will explain in a later posting) to U2 for their upcoming 360˚ tour. What a killer opportunity. After spending a few days with the production crew I was truly inspired by how on point everything was for a production of this scale.. ( i.e. 47 semi-trucks full of gear and a production crew made up of around a couple hundred people). To our surprise we did not realize that they were going to do a full run through of their entire show. 2 1/2 hour private U2 show with 15 people, whatta way to wrap up the week in Barcelona. Here are a few highlight pix; the rest can be found on my flickr page. I will have a separate post for other good schtuff from my spain trip...


Kuroshio Sea

Worlds 2nd largest Aquarium.



boop boop boop boop

had to repost this... it never gets old


Relics of a by-gone era

git it here >>

Disintegration era Cure on heroin = The Soft Moon

Another gem from my pal Luis... The Soft Moon
"dead love" is exceptional.


Check out the Lumerians... Such a wicked band. @ Cafe du Nord .. Saturday, July 16, 2009.... sweet poster.


The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in the infoverse demands a response. As hyperconnectivity increases, our minds are becoming progressively more coupled and cybernetically joined.

Polytopia offers itself to be the virgin ground upon which the newly born Cyberculture of openness and collaboration can be extended by those in pursuit of a combined interactive intelligence.

Polytopia is a mutually supportive habitat of sorts. A mind habitat for our multidimensional co-enhancing minds, for we are infonauts in search of a home. check it here >>>


Absolutely Brilliant! and it only costs $225.... also comes in black.

sleep well.



ahh, españa.... como me encanta... Barcelona - Madrid. Life changing experiences. I had the opportunity of meeting some of the most delightful and talented people over the past few weeks... If I had to pick one place in the world to live tommorrow it would be Madrid. Blows my mind everytime I go there...

Mars Wind

Check out my homey steve's band. Pure Genius - You can download the album for free here...  Look for some epic shows in the near future...

Let the nerdin' begin

Oh man, check out the new Touch from Derivative.... Pretty badass stuff. Bit of a learning curve, but for you Houdini or Shake users you should be able to pick this up in no time.... You can download a basic version for free here.... Realtime anything?

Numero Uno

Hey! thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of online presence since I have failed to update my website in 2 years...For those of you who know me... This will be the place that my ADHD gets documented..... Soooo... Post 1 goes like this.. to Daisy my dog..." a face only a mother could could love ."